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Rollins, John B - Fall 2010
Course Title: Comp & Rhetoric I
Course: ENGL.1301.31022
Instructor Information:

John B. (Bo) Rollins

Office: S257M


Dean and /or Department chair contact information:

Amanda Driskill
Division Assistant
Education, English & Mathematics Division
Lone Star College-Tomball

Classroom Behavior:

The Lone Star College Catalog [Student Conduct, Section 562.01d] states, "Disruptive activity that hinders other students' learning or deters an instructor from effective teaching will not be tolerated under any circumstances."

Equal Opportunity Statement:

See Lone Star College catalog or go to

Academic Integrity:

Lone Star College Academic Integrity Policy

ADA Statement:

See Lone Star College catalog or go to

Software Piracy:

Law strictly prohibits unauthorized copying of software purchased by LSCS for use in laboratories. Administration will take appropriate disciplinary action against anyone violating copyright laws.

Computer Virus Portection:

Computer viruses are, unfortunately, a fact of life. Using storage media on more than one computer creates the possibility of infecting computers and diskettes with a computer virus. This exposes the computers of the campus, your personal computer, and any others you may be using to potentially damaging viruses. The campus has aggressive anti-virus procedures in place to protect its computers, but cannot guarantee that a virus might not temporarily infect one of its machines. It is your responsibility to protect all computers under your control and use and ensure that each storage devices you use, whenever or wherever you use it, has been scanned with anti-virus software. Since new viruses arise continually, your anti-virus software must be kept current. And, since no anti-virus software will find every virus, keeping copies of data (backups) is extremely important.


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